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I have always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge in many professional fields, and drive and passion for art and architecture. My educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Architecture and Planning with a concentration in Sacred Spaces. This website is where I share my Artwork (some of it from college classes) and my creative expressions on anything that I find inspiring, interesting, or simply beautiful. I convey these expressions through drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, graphics and photography.

I hope that you enjoy my artwork. Thanks for stopping by!


Inspiring Quotes:

"An architect should be creative and apt in the acquisition of knowledge. Deficient in either of these qualities, he cannot be a perfect master. An architect should be a good writer, a skillful draftsman, versed in geometry and optics, expert at figures, acquainted with history, informed on the principles of natural and moral philosophy, somewhat of a musician, not ignorant of the law and of physics, nor of the motions, laws, and relations to each other, of the heavenly bodies."
— Vitruvius

"If nature has composed the human body so that in its proportions the separate individual elements answer to the total form, then the Ancients seem to have had reason to decide that bringing their creations to full completion likewise required a correspondence between the measure of individual elements and the appearance of the work as a whole."
— Vitruvius